Remi Tidémma

AICI accredited Image Consultant

Oluremi Olatokun is an AICI accredited Image Consultant based in Bolton, United Kingdom. She is also a certified Beauty Consultant with certification from the prestigious London School of Beauty and Make-up. She has also has a Business and Marketing Certification from Kaplan, London. Remi Tidémma, as she is popularly called, has a passion to see women thrive in all areas of their lives and conform to the Image of Christ. Over the past 5 years, she has personally trained hundreds of women from Australia, Switzerland, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, UAE, South Africa, Canada, to mention a few, empowering them to become more than a pretty face. Irrespective of their level and personal circumstances in life, she helps them discover their identity and qualities, thereby channelling it towards becoming the best version of themselves. Remi is married and blessed with 3 children.