Dr Chibuzor Chinenye Carole Uwadi Award- winning , UK- certified Optometrist

Award- winning , UK- certified Optometrist

Dr Chibuzor Chinenye Carole Uwadi is an award-winning, UK- certified Optometrist. She has nearly three decades of experience and expertise in the field of optometry. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry(FAAO), member of the College of Optometrists (UK)and achieved her Doctor of Optometry qualification ((OD) in Nigeria. Hence she is certified in three continents. She also holds several post-graduate certifications in her core field of Optometry, which includes: diploma in community Eye Health from University College London; and a post-graduate certificate in Global Health from Harvard USA and post-graduate certification in Therapeutics. Dr Chi is a global speaker, trainer, author, coach and mentor. Dr Chi translated the Christ for all nations evangelist booklet from English to Igbo for use in all Igbo- speaking regions of Nigeria. Dr Chi as she is popularly known is an authentic/visionary leader with certification in Leadership from Harvard Business School as well as a member of the John Maxwell Team. Dr Chi is on a mission to help women re-discover the intrinsic essence as they learn to unveil the power of their life vision and manifest their highest and magnificent self. Dr Chi was the sole Partner and director of one of the UK leading Optometry practices: Specsavers Opticians where she took the business to obtain a national award in Optics. She is currently CEO of Visioncare Logistics Group Limited, an Optometry service delivery business as well as CEO of Centre for Raising Effective and Authentic Leaders (CREAL) which is essentially for Training, Mentoring and coaching. Her passion for helping people see clearly goes beyond the field of optometry, as she also brings great light to the mind helping individuals harness the latent powers within them. Dr Chi educates people and organisations on how to prevent visual disorders, maintain an optimal healthy mindset and body in order to protect and preserve their healthy visual apparatus ( the eyes ). As we all know, the eyes are the window to the soul. A healthy mind and body result in a healthy vision. My name is Dr Chibuzor Uwadi (Dr Chi) the go-to for all things Vision and Sight. I am the illuminator, the unstoppable energy source and the authentic leading lady. Dr Chi’s hobbies include swimming, running, cycles, singing, playing the keyboard, guitar, gardening, learning new languages, travelling and cooking.