Our Brand

Over the years and through our truly unique and transformative journey, we have gained strength, and better perspective and gone through a transformative process from being D.I.V.A.S to WOW D.I.V.A.S and now “I-WOW”, Inspired Women of Worth.

We believe the new logo accurately reflects our long term mission which is to “Inspire, Enlighten, Encourage, Empower and Connect women to themselves and with each other to accomplish a world of good.”

The following 5 steps explain the key elements of our Logo and acts as a guide and anchor for all members.


The ‘Female Silhouette’ and the choice of strong ‘Pink’ depicts ‘Femininity’, yet a ‘solid sense of self worth’. We are not afraid to be women. We understand our worth and appreciate that women have special qualities that are different, yet complimentary and required to balance what men bring to the leadership table.

The ‘Individual Stars’ depicts that each one of is created with ‘Unique Gifts and Strengths’ to Dazzle and Impact our world individually and collectively. We actively celebrate these unique qualities in each other.


The ‘Line up of Stars’ shows that we are held together by an ‘Invisible Thread of Common Principles, Passions & Aspirations’, and that together we can light up the world faster.

The ‘White’ depicts our Inspired Nature. We are Powerful beyond measure and understand that we carry greatness within us.


The ‘Classy Silhouette Outfit’ depicts our understanding that we need to put our best foot forward daily. We are more than our outward garment, but the Inspired Woman of Worth loves all things fabulous and classy and make no apologies for that.