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Women are a treasure trove of possibilities

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To Inspire, Enlighten, Encourage,
Empower & Connect women to
their best selves & with each other to
accomplish a world of good.

Be Inspired

  • Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don't be afraid to disappoint
    Udo Okonjo,
    IWOW Founder


Key Benefits

Here are some of the reasons why you should join our commuinity


Learning Platforms through which women are Inspired, Enlightened, Encouraged, Empowered and Connected to hone their individual gifts and talents to enable them dazzle and accomplish a world of good through individual and collective leadership.


Mentorship & Mastermind opportunities within and outside the iWOW network are an important part of the process of transformation and are open only to registered members.


Referral of Registered Members to beneficial opportunities within and outside the network.


The IWOW community has a vibrant ‘Live, Love and Play’ ethos that encourages connections at deeper levels through learning, travel, leisure and fun activities across the world. We love to discover new places and experiences.


Members and none members have an opportunity to pool resources and talents to impact their communities and the world at large through dedicated charities and impact investments.

Certain levels of discretion, diligence, integrity and excellence are required of every member of the iWOW network.
Every member or associate of the network undertakes to:

1. TAKE 100% RESPONSIBILITY for their lives. No Excuses. We believe we have our destinies in our hands and commit to shaping it. We may not be able to control what happens to us, but we for sure will take 100% responsibility for our responses. We are not Victims. We are Worthy Women.

2. BE A SOLUTION to the problem we see around us. We are Leaders. No passing the buck. No whining. No abusing people in authority. No sideline participation in the things that bother us in our lives, our families or communities. We will do our part.

3. BE A WORTHY AMBASSADOR. Uphold the ideals of the iWOW Network which include INTEGRITY in Business and Personal Relationships, SERVICE to humanity and EXCELLENCE in every endeavour.

4. GROW CONTINUALLY in Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Discipline.

5. BE CONNECTED AND COMMITTED. Honour their commitment to the iWOW community and dedicate time for effective participation in iWOW programmes. Be a source of support to other members of the iWOW Network.

5 Other things we think you should know are important to us:

-We Refrain from GOSSIP and will absolutely not tolerate it! Don’t even think about it.

– We Refrain from SUBSTANCE ABUSE and other ADDICTIVE or ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR. Please respect your body. It’s your Temple.

– We Maintain RESPECT for ourselves and each of member of the iWOW Network regardless of age or social standing.

– We DO NOT UNDERSTAND the word IMPOSSIBLE. Impossible is simply a dare to dream and do bigger. We believe in walking on water…that’s the second meaning of WOW! Women of Worth Walking on Water. Doubters don’t thrive in our community. They get converted…and oh do they love it!

– We LAUGH OUT LOUD. We love to dance, laugh, cry, dress up and take loooooooads and loads of photos. We love selfies too! (Please don’t join if you don’t like to let your hair down or are uptight.


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  • God sends people in our lives at the right time. I don't think you realise the impact you have on me the last two days have been outstanding. Thank you for trusting me in your space. My tears came from no where. I just melted. I tell my story all the time but I have never broken down like that. You know I am strong. Yesterday God opened my heart even more so I could share with your ladies.
  • You and your team did a great job! Chisom and I were glad to be there. The event has left a great impact in her heart. She was deeply inspired to be her best self.


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