After almost 4 years of inspiring, and empowering women through a closed knit circle of sister-friends under the WoW D.I.V.A.S network, which led to many empowered, shining stars, the vision to reach and inspire more women has become stronger and stronger until we had no choice but to create and expand the platform to inspire, encourage and empower even more women. To quite literally go in search of stars to dot the sky.


Every woman is a treasure trove of unlimited possibilities, and we are not content until we can reach you with our uniquely inspired message of Purpose, Power and Possibilities. You matter. You have worth. Your worth is inestimable.


We firmly believe that finding your Purpose releases your Power, and exposes you to unlimited Possibilities. That simple message has become our mission and message, one that I am committed along with many other amazing and committed women to deliver to as many women as possible. We believe that you are all called to shine. You are destined for greatness. Without you, the world would simply be dull and boring. Imagine a world without Inspired Women of Worth? (Ok now you understand why we are on a mission). We all need each other for our lights to shine the brightest. That’s why our mantra has become:

I WoW. U WoW. Together we Dazzle! I-WOW: INSPIRED WOMEN OF WORTH. A refreshed, inspired network born to support all women of age, nationalities, status and backgrounds. We only ask that you CHOOSE TO BRING YOUR SUNSHINE. We know you are a Dazzling Star in the making. We all are work in progress! Yours in Purpose, Power and Possibilities. Udo Okonjo CEO, Fine and Country, West Africa. Founder, IWOW and Ignite Academy.