Vision on wings

Extracts from No Ordinary Book by Egodi Adedeji (Priceless Diva) VISION ON WINGS If we wait for Bursts of insights accompanied by; Celestial trumpets…. Exotic fireworks…. Haloed Cherubs with golden harps…. Then we wait till sun freezes stiff For great insights gently flutter bye- like the wings of a butterfly…. As the morning mist disperse

Don’t stop, don’t slack

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Clara Rufai (Diva BTC) “Brethren, I count myself not to have apprehended, but this one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before” Phil. 3:13 In the Olympics 100 metres race, when the athletes hear the gun

Only believe

“What Ever The Mind Can Conceive and BELIEVE, It Can Achieve.” -Napoleon Hill Belief, also referred to as Faith, is by far the most powerful and creative force in the universe. In fact it’s your individually chosen beliefs or non-belief in a thing, whatever it might be, that without fail is THE determining factor as

Faith explosion

Part 1: Faith for the impossible Texts: Mark 9:23b Everything is possible if you believe. Mark 11:22-24 Have faith in God. Have the God kind of faith. 3 KINDS OF FAITH 1. The EXCITED/INSPIRATION FAITH: You hear, get excited, shout amen, halleluiah for the moment when you are listening, but don’t remember the next minute
Some Biblical facts about accountability • The word “Accountability” does not appear in the Bible. • However, the word “Accountable” is mentioned 8 times in the Bible. • Count and Ability – Allowing someone to count on your ability to stay on track with God! WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY MEAN? • Stems from a latin word