I joined the Network when I was invited to the March 2011 hangout by my friend and sister, Taiye Aluko (Gemstone Lapiz Lazuli) and to be honest at that time, I was a bit skeptical about women groups, and was quite content in my little corner (Diva speak for comfort zone). I attended anyway and honestly, I have not regretted a single moment since then. (Why aren’t we surprised? Lol)

The Network is centered on God and with knowing that with Him, ALL things are possible! My first lesson in DIVAS land was that Impossibility is a swear word and truly if you believe that with God all things are possible surely, nothing will be impossible. I made a decision to practice possibility in every area of my life and my testimonies abound. (Naturally! Those who walk on water, experience the satisfaction of abounding d’timonies)

I am grateful indeed for the opportunity to experience the joy of the sisterhood. It is indescribable! I have suddenly found myself in the company of women who are so strong that they are not afraid to cry, encourage, cheer and whoop on to victory and of course celebrate. I am grateful for my accountability partners; we have shared so many experiences that I can sincerely bless God for their role in my journey to self-discovery.

Last year I finally took the leap into the world of self-employment and the encouragement and support from my sisters have been awesome. I have even been mentored by sisters in the same line of business, and that in itself is truly extraordinary!

In the area of health and lifestyle matters, a key achievement for me is my weight loss. I took a decision in October, 2012 to practice possibility in this area and again with the support and love of my accountability partners in this area my testimony has been amazing. I started off at 108kg in October 2012 and today, I weigh 83KG (and counting….) (Uncommon Diva you look absolutely amazing, and we are sure you feel fabulous too).

In preparation for the Year 2013, we have had sessions on goal setting and setting the tone for the year and God willing and together with my sisters; I look forward to celebrating the achievement of our breakthrough goals in Jesus Name. Amen! (We join you in saying Amen. For it cannot be otherwise.)