iwow the next chapter

by Hajara Pitan @ IWOW Dazzle Series

11 October, 2014


Lying on the beach
Book in hand
Turning the pages
As I soak in the warm glorious sunshine

I can’t help but think back
Chapter one was glorious
It talked about my childhood, wild and totally free of care

Chapter 2 was likewise
I hardly recognize the carefree and opinionated teenager there
Was that really me?
I had dreams; UN Secretary General, Nobel Prize Winner, Business Mogul
Billionaire, wife, mother, heiress!
All in one!

By chapter 3, I had narrowed it down
Prince Charming! Wife! Billionaire! CEO of a Fortune 500 company!
I will have it all!
The world will be my oyster!
All! Right after I finish university!

In came Chapter 4!
Adulthood, bills, job hunting
And oh! So many “no’s”
“No we can’t hire you”
“No, you are not beautiful enough”
“No I won’t marry you”
“No, I haven’t had the child yet”
“No, millions”
“No, no no!”

By Chapter 5
I’m already jaded
Eyes wide open, I have become “realistic”
I don’t even go where I will hear the no’s anymore
I sit, safe in my comfort zone,
Safe where I am known, with the people I know
I fear to venture out…

So here I lie
Book in hand!
Wondering what the Next Chapter holds
I flip the page, Chapter 6 is blank!
I hear a voice saying “write your next chapter!”

Pen in hand
I begin to scribble, slowly at first
And I get ever quicker…
Tomorrow is a blank slate
And I will start over!

In my Next Chapter
I step out in strength
I step out with clarity!
I am equipped to rebuild!
To start over!

In my Next Chapter
I permit myself to dream anew!
And every dream finds expression!
I change my thoughts so I can change my world!

In this Next Chapter
I don’t ask “what if I fail?”
I ask, “what if I succeed?”
And I put my hands to the plough!
In this Next Chapter my desire for success
Far outweighs my fear of failure

In this Next Chapter
I am new

I am writing my Next Chapter
And invite you to write yours too!