Write and Speak the word to ignite your possibilities posture.

– Simply WRITING words activates and puts life in the words. The writing is a step towards the physical manifestation of your possibilities. Your thoughts are unseen. Your words are physical so by writing, you are creating something physical from what is unseen, just like God created the world.

– WRITE IN A JOURNAL all your dreams, desires and goals. Write the vision; make it plain that YOU may run with it. Without writing, no manifestation of big dreams. Small dreams, yes. But not big dreams.

– FOCUS: Review your written goals, desires/dreams 3times a day. Keep your dreams and vision before you day and night. Remembering them calls them into being because of the power of the mind. What do you think happened to Jacob’s and Laban’s sheep when they were mating? The power of focused attention on the stripes brought about striped sheep being birthed. Keep your focus on your dreams and desires.

-SPEAK! With POWER AND PASSION! Speak live words. Words without passion and power have no force and will yield you nothing or at best average results. Average people speak with moderate, boring words like nice, okay, so so, whatever, anyhow, anyone….Add Power and Passion to your words when speaking or writing about your dreams, goals and desires.

-MEMORIZE: Commit your dreams, goals and desires to memory.
– Do not discuss your list of goals, dream and desires with anyone other than your trusted accountability partner, mentors or mastermind groups. Positive people who will speak positively and encourage you.

– BE DETAILED and SPECIFIC about what you want.

– BE CLEAR AND CONFIDENT so that you will get a faster manifestation. If you are constantly changing your mind, or unsure, doubtful then you will delay the manifestation.

– BE EXPECTANT! Expect your dreams to come true and acknowledge them as they do. No such thing as coincidences. Only God incidents!

– THE GRATITUDE FACTOR: Feel and be grateful for all you currently are and have and as more manifestations come, continue in gratitude. Always be grateful. Gratitude is a force.

– AVOID NEGATIVITY. Negative language, spoken or unspoken. Be deliberate in your response to things that happen to you or around you. You can’t control them, but you can deliberately choose your responses. Choose to RESPOND, NOT REACT.
There is a force of power behind a controlled response rather than a knee jerk reaction to every thing that comes your way.

So adopt a posture of Possibilities, and activate your dreams through the formula of
The more of these you have, the more and better your results in every area of your life.

May we explode with possibilities to the right and the left in every area of our lives. May we become dissatisfied with our current positions, while being grateful to God for how far He has brought us. May we arise and shine, thereby permitting others to shine around us. May the world stop and pay attention, because a WOW Diva came into a space, an industry, a situation, a family. May we never be a zero people who add nothing to something. May we become game changers. And so shall it be, in Jesus mighty name, for it will not, can never be otherwise.