And so it was, that the much talked –about No Nonsense Goal Setting Series (the UK Workshop) held on Saturday the 21st of February 2015.

What a WOW kick-off to the year! The Workshop was rolled out in No Nonsense style by our able Visioner who is also Curator of the Workshop Series – Mrs Udo Okonjo, also known as the Royal Phenomenal Diva, supported by Abigail Barnes (Author of ‘Time Management for Entrepreneurs) and Suki Laniado-Smith (Business Coach & Partner at Shirlaws.)

30-odd wow-mazing women in attendance; breath in, breath out, shake yourself loose and get ready for No Nonsense! In attendance was a great selection of some 30 wow-mazing women, who had come prepared and determined to make the best of this power-packed Workshop. We kicked off bright and early (no nonsense!) with RPD taking the group through breathing exercises to loosen us up and encourage participation from the get-go. We grouped ourselves into 4 amazing teams- Magnate, Water Walkers, Revolutionary and Lady-in-the-mirror and competed in bonding exercises amidst much whooping and celebration of one another.

The No Nonsense Goal Setting Workbook – a worthy companion in 2015 & beyond! The ever passionate and lively RPD ignited us from the get-go and skilfully guided us through the 2015 No-Nonsense Goal Setting Workbook, kicking off with an evaluative segment on reflections; reflecting on the year 2014, the highs, the lows, the whats, whys and hows. This helped us identify the gaps and positioned us to progress into detailed and deliberate visioning and planning, to set and achieve big-bold-audacious-breakthrough-your-fears- impossible- is- nothing-no-nonsense-goals for 2015 and even up till 2020. Awesome!

Aby Barnes (a testimony of a second-chance and a book!) Aby Barnes’ story of survival after a stroke helped us appreciate the gift of second chance, to S.H.I.N.E and to be guided by the questions:

  • Did I live?
  • Did I love?
  • Did I matter?

Suki Laniado-Smith shared passionately from her wealth of experience In an energetic and fast-moving workshop in which every minute was made to count, Business Coach Suki Laniado-Smith soon took the stage to share. Suki encouraged us to have a clear strategy, to contextualise our goals and to focus on priorities for a pre-determined period.

The Wordsmith presents her piece! Another high-point of the day was the presentation by the Wordsmith Toyin Ajala – at first, it was pin-drop silence as the Wordsmith skilfully guided our thoughts and emotions and took us on a journey through her piece of written and spoken word, which in typical fashion, evoked loud applause as she concluded.
The No Nonsense Goal Achieving Pledge left us in no doubt that we are incredibly beyond measure, with uncommon agility and phenomenal ability both to dream and to achieve our goals! It was recited by all attendees with peak motion and authority, in high spirits and with gusto! We all felt the incredible vibe of the affirmation we had were certainly convinced that we can indeed achieve whatever goal our hearts can conceive!

New Friendships, Bonding, Hugs and Angel Whispers . . .  In the true DIVA style, we formed new friendships with loads of hugs and whoops. The ‘angel whispers’ section was goosebumps-inducing, where the room lights were dimmed and we worked in groups of two, and each in turn had to whisper uplifting words of positive affirmation into another’s ears (and life!) It was truly an ‘angelic’ experience!
RPD in typical fashion ended the motivational workshop by charging us with an excerpt from the ‘Ignite the Champion Within Series’ which said “Just in case you are wondering, the answer is, YES YOU CAN!”

YES, you CAN finish that book . . . .  YES, you CAN inspire and impact . . . .  YES, you CAN speak in public . . . . 

At the end of it all, we knew that something had been unleashed, as we departed feeling ‘completely and utterly unstoppable’!
The No Nonsense Goal Setting Workshop (UK) has definitely set the bar high and set the tone for 2015! With loads of exercises to work through in the workbook, one feels equipped to Be more, Do More and Have More in 2015 and beyond … it’s time to go sit on a rock somewhere and ‘chew’ on this workbook and make 2015 count!
The workshop ended with the usual ‘photo-fanfare’ including selfies and groupies!


Kolia Chimamandanata Obi-Anazodo Have you set you goals for 2015? Goals that you will be scared when you think about them. Don’t forget that these goals will not be by your powers but by divine orchestration. I attended no nonsense goal setting workshop today! Hmmmmm, there are some dangerous, mind blowing goals you will not want to toy with. Go out there set your goals and be focused to achieve them! Watch this space because I am the #‎unstoppable Diva…Thanks to the organisers Clara Rufai Ifesinachi Anyamene Udo Maryanne Okonjo just to mention but a few. I am an achiever!

Nkiru Aletor Removing our self-imposed limitations: start from where you are, with what you have got, we all have God given gifts, make it a point to Find yours out today, we are fully functioning machines made by the BEST craftsman and equipped with the Best tools we need to function, so let’s Act like it, we are not relics that are only destined to be parked up, covered up and forgotten! We are made to shine! made to be seen! made to bring about change anywhere we go!! So search for and discover your gift today! Use it as God intended, bring about change, positive change, shine your light! And watch that limitation break down! You can! and You will!! Some thing I learnt yesterday from a powerful meeting of a wonderful group of women is ‘ look at your self in the mirror, smile at your self and give your self a pat on the back and speak something positive into your life, say well done to your self cos you sure deserve it’ Show love today cos our God is love! Have a lovely Sunday everyone ☺

Azuka Quadri Thanks a million for the event as I left feeling the buzz in my soul and believing that yes I can! Thanks to this group of wonderful sisters I feel so blessed!


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