“What Ever The Mind Can Conceive and BELIEVE, It Can Achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

Belief, also referred to as Faith, is by far the most powerful and creative force in the universe.
In fact it’s your individually chosen beliefs or non-belief in a thing, whatever it might be, that without fail is THE determining factor as to whether you are able to accomplish a thing or not regardless of the size or scope of the event or circumstance being considered and regardless of who you are, what country you may live in, or what your preferences (or lack of) might be.
There is absolutely nothing that can be conceived with the human mind that cannot or will not be brought into physical manifestation, and in fact, a result IS, and must ALWAYS be brought into manifestation 100% of the time, the outcome of which is based ONLY on the belief (faith) of the thinker.

What exactly do I mean by that? Regardless of WHAT you may believe in, whether it be that you CAN or CAN’T accomplish something, whatever that something may be, an outcome is ALWAYS, 100% of the time, experienced based on the quality of the belief that you hold regarding it’s outcome.
The only possible thing that can keep a predominant thought (belief) from manifesting in physical form, is the belief or faith of the person that originally conceived the thought, to begin at some point in the physical manifestation process, to begin to shift the belief of his or her ability to do so, (or not) and the result in the case of non-belief is the manifestation of the thing doubted, (absence of) which many people perceive as failure.
Here’s another wake up call…..

God only delivers outcomes to you based on what you believe and only responds and manifests based on what “YOU ALLOW”. How do you “ALLOW” it? Based on YOUR belief.

Something always happens, (manifests) and must happen, regardless if the outcome appears as you initially perceived it or not. The only thing that can possibly interfere with or change the manifestation of the original thought, (prayer) is if you in some way changed your belief, have a conflicting subconscious belief, or never originally had a firm belief concerning the physical manifestation of the thing desired to begin with.
In the case of what is called unanswered prayer, the resulting manifestation is the thing initially thought of (prayer) not being brought into the physical realm, which allows you to sense and experience it with your human senses. It is still every bit a manifestation, just not the manifestation that you initially thought that you consciously wanted to happen! The absence of the thing thought of was manifest based on your non-belief (doubt) that it would happen. Not an unanswered prayer, but a lack of the physical manifestation based on a lack of belief at some level.
There is also modern day wisdom which says…
“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

How about…

“I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.” – Matthew 17:20
If you find your current results displeasing today you only need to believe and change those beliefs from yesterday which made today your reality, and your results must change.
You are literally creating WHATEVER your outcomes in life are through your thoughts!
(Beliefs) Any other possibility would go completely against God’s law, put into place by the God at the beginning of time. In other words, “It Is Absolutely Impossible Both Scientifically and Spiritually!”
“Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, BELIEVE that ye receive them and ye shall have them.” Matt 11:24

Or how about….
Now FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things not seen.”Heb 11:1
This is a question asked by many and like all things put into place by the God, has a very logical and simple answer.

First of all, let’s take a look at how your beliefs originate,
Traditionally Established False Beliefs As children, our belief systems are quite open and non-judgmental or non limiting.
As time passes and we begin to experience life, our belief systems become limited and restricted initially, based on what we are taught by those we love and trust. Initially it is family. We are taught to determine what’s “Real” by or 5 senses.
The result is, that our belief systems are affected and become limited, many times subconsciously, based on these traditional teachings, which we then “perceive” to be truth and eventually pass on to our children.
Some common examples of these early teachings by well meaning parents are……
1) You’re a bad girl. (or boy)(2) That was a stupid thing to do!(3) Do you not have any common sense?(4) Why can’t you be more like your sister or brother?(5) You’ll never learn!
Each of these statements, however harmless they are thought to be at the time, can have a dramatic impact on the long term beliefs of small children during those most impressionable first years and can literally affect them for the rest of their lives!
Although there are many possible scenarios, the above examples can and often do leave a child feeling unworthy, and can stay with them for the rest of their lives unless they come to an awareness of the “real truth” and overwrite the original “false” programming.
There are many parents who are aware of what negative impact the above examples can have on a child and may never use such terminology, but instead may say things like……..
(1) Being broke just runs in our family.(2) Money is hard to come by.
(3) Life is meant to be hard.(4) Don’t believe it until you see it. etc. etc. etc……..
Although each of these examples can have a huge impact on the power of belief, the last example (#4) can be especially damaging because one thing that is an undeniable fact is that you will NEVER see any significant events in life until you first believe that they can happen!
Many also learn falsehoods from certain circles of religion and theologies that can have a devastating effect on implementing the power of belief to work in a constructive manner.

Such as………..
1) It’s spiritual to be poor.(2) The less you have, the closer to God you are.
(3) Money or wealth are evil.(4) You worship a judgmental God who will punish you if……
These statements, untrue as they are, can and will affect, in a very detrimental way, the power of belief in not only in children, but adults as well!
This is extremely important to understand if you are to put the power of belief to work to begin attracting what you desire, rather than continuing to experience what you don’t.
So, what does this all have to do with you now, and your seeming inability to manifest what you are wanting?
Unless and until that previous “False” and “Self Limiting programming is rewritten, the results will not change. Based on those established beliefs from childhood, even though it may have been many years ago, you are literally answering to; “I’m a bad girl”, or “I’m not worthy to receive what I want, or “My sister/brother is worthy but I’m not”.
In the second set of examples above, your subconscious is sending out, “My family was always broke so I guess that’s why I am”, or “Life is hard and money is hard to come by”. As sad as this situation is, although as a child it was out of your control, now that you are grown, you MUST take responsibility for it and do something to change it. Although you may not be consciously aware of it you are actually creating your current results based on those subconscious beliefs even though you may not consciously recognize them!
And finally, in the third set of examples, even if you have come to consciously realize they are not true, Subconscious beliefs such as “It’s spiritual to be poor”, or “God is closer to those that have less”, or “Money is evil” can and will keep you from attracting anything you desire in the way of money or things.

But first let’s cover the second part of the above question. The other half of why you may not be manifesting what you “want.”
There is a fine line here so bear with me on this one, okay? When we’re finished you’ll have a clear understanding of how BELIEVING operates at a deep level and what it means to really believe.
Simply the fact that you “Want” something, whatever it is, could be a factor in keeping it from manifesting! I know that sounds crazy but let me explain.

First of all the fact that you want something implies lack. By wanting a thing means that you don’t have it. That wanting creates a specific within you which emanates “I don’t have.”
Your subconscious only hear “I want it” or “I don’t have”, so without judgment they say OK, and maintain that state of “want” or “not having” because that is precisely what you are broadcasting and “asking” for.
So how can you want it and not want it?
You begin the manifestation process with having it on the inside first. (Seeing it and believing you’ll receive it.)
Isn’t the ability to Believe INCREDIBLE? “As within, so without.”

#1) Establish the firm belief that it is your birthright to have it. (In many cases you have to change your beliefs altogether)
#2) Become aware of your ability to attract it.
#3) Put your thoughts and emotions in alignment with it’s manifestation through prayer.
#4) Thank God for it as if you’ve already received it.
#5) Detach yourself from the “when and how” it will manifest.
#6) Expect it, because if you’ve done the first five steps correctly, it will arrive VERY quickly!
The point being conveyed is that your thoughts and beliefs established to this point, create an emotion which is your communication device to God, THE determining factor in allowing or not the manifestation of those things that you desire.
That is going to require you to take specific action if you are to change them.

What kind of Action?

An AGGRESSIVE RE-PATTERNING of the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back, and keeping you from manifesting the things you desire and deserve!
If the current beliefs you hold aren’t serving you and allowing you to experience your most heartfelt desires, (and they should be) it is absolutely essential to learn to effectively eliminate them so that you can begin creating that which will work for you instead of against you. (So to speak)
Matt 6:25-34

Based on the above, why do you suppose that the flowers and the birds are provided for with NO effort on their part? Because they don’t have previously established traditional “False Beliefs” that create fear which blocks what has been provided to them as their “Birthright.” will keep them from receiving it is PRECISELY why!! They don’t “Fear” or “Worry” that they will go hungry or without clothing. They haven’t been “Taught” that they must work long and hard at jobs that are displeasing to have their needs met. They receive “Effortlessly and Continually” year after year because they have no concept of non-belief.

It is PRECISELY the same with you!! All that needs to be done to begin effortlessly attracting, creating, and experiencing your most desired dreams and visions for your life is to STOP WORRYING and being fearful concerning the outcomes. Discover how and take the necessary action to UNLEARN the traditionally established “False Beliefs” which are responsible for keeping you stuck in a “perceived world” of lack and limitation, and you will begin to experience the life that you were created to enjoy and experience.