How do I get my first mentor?

Now, there’s two specific reasons I wanted to answer this question:

1. A mentor can radically change your life and skyrocket your results.
2. Most people over-complicate the process of getting their first mentor.
So, let’s get into it Udo Okonjo, here’s my 5-step guide for finding your first (or next) business mentor…
Step #1: Get Clarity
Before you start approaching potential mentors you must get crystal clear clarity on your outcome. So start by answering the following questions:

1. Why do I want a mentor?
2. What type of mentor do I want?
3. What do I want to get from the relationship?
You see, it’s important to know your goals so you can find the right mentor… (one who is aligned with your vision and personality). If not, you’ll end up like most entrepreneurs…
… approaching anyone and everyone asking them for mentorship whether they’re a good fit or not.
Step #2: Start Brainstorming Names
Braindump a long list of your dream mentors.
Don’t filter yourself. Write down any name no matter how impossible they may seem. All you’re doing is creating a “hit list” of potential targets to aim for.
(If you already have your eyes set on a particular person you can skip this step).
Now, go back to your answers from step #1… which of the names best align with your desired outcome? I suggest you pick 3-5 names to go after.
Step #3: Value Analysis
If there’s ONE thing that will cripple your chances of getting a mentor, it’s asking before giving.
Instead, you should take a two-step approach and give value before asking for anything in return.
The goal here is to establish a solid relationship so you can eventually ask them for help (which they’ll naturally want to do). So, here’s how to lead with value:
1. Investigate their website/business.
2. Search for areas they have a potential weakness.
3. Brainstorm how you can improve or help their business.
Here’s an example:
After analyzing your prospective mentors website you might discover that although they’re producing great content… they’re not getting any real engagement.
With this knowledge you could craft a detailed action-plan showing them how to better leverage and promote their content so they get more comments, more engagement, and ultimately more customers.
Look at how this changes the dynamic…
• You come offering a solution to their pain.
• You show them you’re a person of real value.
• You prove that you’re willing to go the extra mile.
• You trigger the law of reciprocity and establish trust.
• You differentiate yourself from everyone else contacting them.
And most important of all… you don’t selfishly ask for their help.
Step #4: The Approach
Now that you’ve created real value, the question becomes, “how do I contact them?” Well, there’s two basic ways to get connected anyone these days:
• Cold outreach.
• Via a referral.
If you know someone who’s already connected with your target this will be easier as you can simply ask for an introduction.
You can use this tool to discover who’s best to do the introduction.
However, if you don’t have a mutual connection you’ll need to reach out “cold” to establish the relationship. Remember, lead with value. Don’t come straight out asking them to be your mentor.
You can use this tool to find almost anyone’s email address.
Step #5: Building The Relationship
Again, the first stage is not to “get a mentor”, it’s simply to establish a relationship built on trust and value.
As the relationship forms you’ll find yourself getting indirect mentorship, you’ll see how their mind works, you’ll be able to ask some basic questions. Then, over time you can move the conversation towards an official mentor-mentee relationship.
The 5-Step Guide to Getting Your First Mentor
I’ll be honest with you, chances are you won’t be successful on your first attempt. It can take time for the relationship to grow. However, I guarantee you that this 5-step approach will be infinitely more effective than what 99% of entrepreneurs do…
… which is reach out and say: “Hey! Can you mentor me?”
I get messages like this all the time. They never work. You must lead with value. So, I want to know… Are you willing to follow these 5 simple steps?
Hit reply and let me know.

Yours in Mastery,
Special thanks to the writer,
Peter Voogd

  1. July 13, 2017

    Thank you for this simple steps.
    Most times we have no idea on how to go about such request.
    I will be sure to follow the steps. Keeping my fingers cross i should get my own mentor.

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